Edmonton guy loses $143K in relationship scam, police renew warnings

Edmonton guy loses $143K in relationship scam, police renew warnings


An Edmonton guy to locate love ended up being defrauded of $143,000 after he became the mark of the years-long “romance scam.”

3 years ago, a person who authorities are pinpointing as Con, stated A us girl claiming to focus offshore as some type of computer civil engineer contacted him after seeing their online dating profile.

The 64-year-old man stated the lady advertised she ended up being an individual mom having a nine-year-old son and she desired to talk.

“Shortly from then on, she delivered me personally a lot of actually good images,” he told CTV Edmonton on Monday.

After almost a year of chatting on the web, Con stated he was asked by the woman to deliver her $650 so she could fix the digital digital camera on her behalf phone.

“how come you’ll need us to deliver you cash if you’re working?” Con said he asked.

In https://datingmentor.org/nl/anastasiadate-overzicht/ reaction, the lady told him she had been trouble that is having her bank reports when you look at the U.S. Although Con initially declined, he fundamentally delivered her $100 to get towards her phone.

The woman stated the amount of money ended up beingn’t sufficient and she stopped chatting with him.

Almost a 12 months later on, the girl reached away to con once again.

“She comes home, first thing she states is me?’” he recalled‘Do you still love. “And we state ‘Yeah.’”

The few started texting frequently once more and Con stated the woman’s demands for the money came back too.

More demands for the money

He had been told by her she have been let go and she couldn’t manage an airplane solution to go back house to your U.S. She was given by him $1,500 to pay for her travel costs.

It ended up beingn’t well before the girl once once once again asked Con for lots more cash. She stated her son was indeed identified as having malaria plus they was indeed in a motor automobile accident. Read more