Protecting users from government-backed disinformation and hacking

Protecting users from government-backed disinformation and hacking

Bing’s Threat review Group (TAG) actively works to counter targeted and government-backed hacking against Bing and our users. It is a certain area we’ve committed to profoundly for more than ten years. Our day to day work involves detecting and beating threats, and caution targeted users and clients concerning the world’s many sophisticated adversaries, spanning the entire number of Bing items including Gmail, Drive and YouTube.

In past times, we’ve posted on dilemmas like phishing promotions, weaknesses and disinformation. Moving forward, we’ll share more technical details and information concerning the threats we detect and just how we counter them to advance the wider electronic protection conversation.

TAG tracks a lot more than 270 targeted or government-backed teams from significantly more than 50 nations. These teams have numerous goals including cleverness collection, stealing intellectual home, focusing on dissidents and activists, destructive cyber assaults, or distributing coordinated disinformation. We make use of the cleverness we gather to guard Bing infrastructure in addition to users targeted with spyware or phishing.


We’ve had a long-standing policy to deliver users warnings that they are the subject of state-sponsored phishing attempts, and have posted periodically about these before if we detect. Read more