OkCupid profile hijackings highlight website account management factors

OkCupid profile hijackings highlight website account management factors

Customers of prominent dating internet site OkCupid have been grumbling of online criminals taking on her account, locking them out by altering the related email address contact information and password, and employing records gleaned from the accounts to harass these people.

But an organization spokesperson asserted there’s been no increased profile takeovers with no safety infringement at OkCupid.

What happened?

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If OkCupidas assurances were good, a probable answer for the accounts hijackings is attackers are using login recommendations taken off their websites to reach OkCupid records.

a?If you may use the exact same password on many different websites or companies, of course your records on the whole bunch have the potential to be studied over if an individual website offers a security alarm break. Email lists including your email address and accounts is bought to worst actors that can sample your own code on many different internet until these people find one that works well,a? the corporate talks about in its support listings.

The two suggest customers to utilize a password unique to OkCupid, to utilize a variety of mail, quantities, estimate, and emblems for it, and also make it very long.

Way more advice on customers

a?we concur with all those assistance OkCupid granted. Owners need to have one-of-a-kind passwords per websites, or at least, posses a distinctive password for each and every internet site we cleaning anything on the subject of. One should at least give some thought to distinctive passwords for things which will probably make your lifestyle harder the moment they get compromised,a? Terry Ray, Imperva SVP and companion, explained let Net protection. Read more