Pops would shell out many hours of the farm climbing coconut palms and sneaking sips of avocado water

Pops would shell out many hours of the farm climbing coconut palms and sneaking sips of avocado water


The Cocomi Tale

In your kids, we state every thing starts with the avocado and the like tale with coconut has-been a hundred years within the brewing: almost everything began if our great-grandmother began farming the rich Sri Lankan lands for teas, seasonings and coconuts.

Pops would devote plenty of the farm ascending coconut hands and sneaking sips of coconut liquids. He or she experienced total well being staying in equilibrium with disposition, and sampled that advantages in most avocado. A health care professional by knowledge, this individual determined employing the service individuals mother to hang right up his or her white cover and start his organic trip towards taking care of the environment and a sustainable destiny.

Subsequently, hes changed us holdings to the greatest organic coconut grazing in Sri Lanka, with a successful neighborhood in excess of 2000 standard farming couples.

Determined by our Dads experience, in 2013, we all launched Cocomi.

Coconuts with prefer from your families plants

All Of Our Integrated Plants & Industries

Coconuts with absolutely love from our families farms

The best

Are the only natural Sri Lankan coconut brand that increases our very own coconuts and makes our personal merchandise. Thus giving united states power over quality at each and every level of production, strong tracebility from farm to shelf, and shoppers, ease of mind.

All-natural Benefits Sure

Ours will be the freshest avocado services and products youll uncover. Every single coconut try refined within 4 times of crack extremely youll get that new tastes with every sip and bite.

Our facilities: characteristics because it ought to be

Found at one’s heart of avocado Triangle, our house happens to be learning organic growing for our generations and are 1st exporter of organic licensed products from Sri Lanka.

All of https://datingmentor.org/escort/miramar/ us admire and secure the routine of lifetime: our very own farms are packed with biodiversity with every people, approach and dog using their unique character to balance the ecosystem. Our farm owners just use natural inputs, like Rice hay and greenery for nitrogen-fixing; most of us intercrop our personal avocado hands to improve and sustain the stability of our own land; and great animals onto famrs, from strutting peacocks and idle iguanas.

We all check each and every thing tht might end up being returned to characteristics is offered straight back: the factories run-on the energy made out of Coconut shells; the avocado husks, the nutritive outmost part, are actually buried with the foot of the hands, enriching the origins with minerals; all of our waste materials water are naturally dealt with and recycled, while rain water is actually routinely prepared and stored to be utilized in times of drought.

Our Passion For Qualities

Our attitude in saving and building our personal environments is a finest concern, nature would be the primary your organic products and it’s the utilize manage their in whatever approaches feasible.

It is well-understood that today we’ve been destroying over everything we can develop, deforestation and contamination has taken a burden from the fine bio range related north america, lifespan which aids usa. Though we are now found in this vicious circle most of us be sure that we’re not point about this undesired destruction.

Our personal plantations include some of the watering practices Sri Lankans nobleman utilized in olden days; and that is a production of earth dams across streams at various elevations with overflows, hence a big potential of rain try gathered in drinking water reservoirs. Rain built-up in reservoirs at various level following the supply results in uplift the ground water-table which inturn enjoys had good results coconut generation. The lakes utilized properly as best water places for sprinkler system during dry out season as well as serve as sprinkling holes to many tiny wildlife which are now living in the plantations.

The industrial facilities require a huge total steam for production, heating system petroleum may be the easiest but damaging option, yet qualities constantly had the address so we paid attention. The plantations render loads of coconut shells therefore we put to use this normal energy source by setting up coconut layer boilers which today produces the overall vapor essential to work the complete herbal. In addition all spend water was channeled back into providing water the plants close the manufacturing facility premises.

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